A bit more detail on The Jasmine

#TheJasmine is great for a punch on the sour side. Don’t let its soft pink color fool you.
Make it yourself with 1.5 parts gin (we used #tanqueray10), 1/4 parts #Campari and #Cointreau each, and 3/4 parts #lemonjuice, the fresher the better. #Shakewell with ice, strain into a martini glass, and garnish with a twist of lemon or strip of zest.

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Miss Dahlia is having the time of her life, darling! Will the delights of the 1920s ever end? She doesn’t know and couldn’t care less as long as the drinks keep flowing! Her cocktail of choice is the Bee’s Knees, a boozy-do of gin, honey syrup, and lemon for tartness—who are you call a tart? Oh don’t be silly, she doesn’t mind! Come over and dance with her—she chopped the hem off her chiffon frock to make it even easier to dance the Charleston. ❤️

Our recipe was two parts gin, one part honey syrup, and one part lemon. Shake cold and served in a coup glass!

Conjuring up our first spirit(s)

Step back to the turn of the last century with Susan, an occultist from 1917 whose passions are contacting dead soldiers and long walks on the beach (at night). Her cocktail is the Jasmine, an ethereal elixir of gin, Cointreau, lemon, and a touch of Campari for appropriate bitterness. She is dressed in a Delphos-inspired gown complete with glass beads, in which she languishes around her quarters, hoping to tempt home the spirit of her lover, lost in the trenches somewhere on the Western Front. Of course, if some other wandering spirit is tempted over, she’s happy to mix them up a drink.



All dolled up, but nothing to drink?

Libations flowing, but the clothes ain’t going?

Cocktails. Period. is a photo collaboration reflecting on the interplay between drinks and fashion since the invention of the cocktail. Photographer and mixologist meets seamstress and vintage fashion enthusiast. Join us as we walk through history, drinks in hand.